Cirũ wa GP

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shiru wa gp is a gospel from Kenya.She was born in Kiambu county in the former Kenyan central province.

She sings in her Kikuyu dialect in most of her music.She also do some of her songs in kiswahili and English.

She became popular after she released a song titled Agiginyani(Those who struggles) in 2010 in her second vernacular album titled AGIGINYANI

Her Musical Journey[edit | edit source]

Shirũ wa gp was born and named Mary Wanjirũ Kiarie in the year 1983 in kiambu county Kenya.She was raised by a single mother in a very humble background where her mother was a seller of a local liquor.Little Shirũ grew up in a life full of fear where policeman could intimidate her mother due to a illegal Business.Her talent start while she was still a young girl,she used to perform in Sunday school.Her star grew brighter after she released her maiden album in 2010 which she named it Agiginyani.The song received a massive airplay both locally and internationally.She was invited in United States for a performance.Later in United Kingdom.

Albums[edit | edit source]



3.Nyungu ya Ngai

5.Guikaririo ti Kuimwo